Samson P. Danziger

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A fast paced anagram game (to be) written in Node.


The game is played with lettered tiles, which are placed face down on a table. People take turns to flip letters. When someone sees a word using 3 or more letters, they shout it out, and whoever is first gets the word. If there are any anagrams of this word, they must also call these out, or risk someone else calling out the anagram, and stealing the word.

Words can also be added to using any face up letters, even using words belonging to other people.

When there are no more tiles to turn over, and no one can see any more anagrams, the game ends.

For each word you have, you score 1 point for the first 3 letters, and 1 point for every following letter.

Edge cases

  • You cannot just add an S to the end of existing words, or any words that have previously been had using the same tiles.