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Apprentice Bingo

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This a project I forked in order to have a go at a client side web app. It was my first foray into AngularJS.

Apprentice Bingo was originally designed by Murray Colpman, Tom Leese, and Alice Hawke. The game is played whilst watching a series of The Apprentice. When the candidates say any of the clich├ęs, you can cross it off your bingo square, and hopefully win before anyone else.

There are 2 types of Apprentice episodes, either the usual tasks or the interview style, usually with the final 5 candidates. Allowing for this, there are options to select the bingo square to create, from within the app.

The recommended options are 2 squares, each of 3x3 tiles.


All configuration can be done through the app/data.json file. The layout of the file makes it quite clear as to what is expected, however the skeleton file is below.

    "candidates":   [],
    "interviews":   [],
    "tasks":        []